Babysitters in Dar es Salaam (Part time and Full time)

” We understand busy parents are in the hard time to take care for their kids, as Kulaya Group we prepared the best solution that might interests so many parents in Dar es Salaam and outside Dar es Salaam, we provide babysitters who are well trained, experienced and educated who will take care of your baby in the highest degree of standard when you are out. we also offer house maid who will take care of your house and everything like cleaning, washing, cooking and everything at home, you can get part time house maid or full time house maid. Is your choice to choose either female house maid or male house maid, we based in Dar es Salaam  “

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English Course for Adults – Dar es Salaam

We train adults in all levels of English Language from beginners to advanced, We have highly qualified and experienced teacher in our institute, we do private classes as well, we can send you a private English Language tutor to your place or office who can either train your team or you.

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Swahili Classes in Dar es Salaam

Have your private Swahili Teacher from the trusted institute worldwide, the teacher will come to your place or office and we used to train group and individual students.

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Call / Whatsapp +255 758 018 597

English for ESL – Dar es Salaam

English is one of the very important language in the world and wherever you go you must find someone who speaks English, you can enhance your future, career or your social life in general if you can speak English perfectly and confidently.
Kulaya language School is the best institute with highly qualified teachers who can help you to speak, listen, write and read English just for a few period of time.
We use an international ways of training.
We can also send a teacher to your place whenever you need. Our private tutor available for kids, students and adults.
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