House Maid in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

BABYSITTERS IN DAR ES SALAAM might be your best choice, we do provide well trained and educated House maid (both male and female) who can provide the great care on your house and kids.

you can give us the call now +255 620 426 850 or whatsapp


Mpiga Picha Dar es Salaam – 0620 426 850

Pata picha nzuri zenye mvuto na ubora wa hali ya juu, pia tunafanya editing bure, tupo Dar es Salaam na tunaweza kufika popote ukihitaji, picha zetu ni zenye kuvutia na tunatumia Camera yenye uwezo wa hali ya juu.

Chakufanya piga au tuma ujumbe wa kawaida au whatsapp +255 620 426 850

Photographer in Dar es Salaam

Find the perfect and experienced photographer now, he will come wherever you’re, he uses a good and high quality Camera what to do is just to give him a call now, 0620 426 850 (or whatsapp).

Get an Educated Nanny – in Dar es Salaam

Here you will get well educated Nanny who will take care of your kids and sometimes teach them if possible. Our nannies are well educated and who might take your kid(s) to the next level. We well trusted here in Tanzania for our service (best Nannies) all over the country.

You can Visit BABYSITTERS IN DAR or Call them 0620 426 850