Welcome Swahili for University (Instructions for Studying)

Here we Offer Swahili lesson (Tuition) for University Students all over the world, at this point we help university students for further understanding after the lecture time, including question solving,  Assignment assistance, Previous or current lectures revision and any other inquiry.

Here we offer two kinds of teaching (Lecture)

  1. For those in the colleges/University (full time in college)

For those Students at the colleges/Universities, we will help you for any inquiry you may ask, including of you did not understand any module, we may repeat it point to point, either you have any question, or assignment we may help you for that too.

  1. For those who takes online Course

For online Student It is very hard for them to find material and complete their assignment on time. We are here for you too, we will give you clear understanding for your Swahili course, we know you will enjoy and love Swahili more.


  1. For those who studying Open Universities/College

We will give the same assistant including full Learning materials, assignments, quiz(option), and close help to ensure your dream going to happen.

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