I am Sure you will Enjoy your Journey others did

Swahili Teacher.Com will prepare a good organization / institution according to your career to volunteer or internship either here in Dar es Salaam or in other regions of Tanzania or Zanzibar.

You will get advantage of having Swahili Lesson with us, and we can teach you even Tanzanians and Culture and history. You will have an advantage to meet Mr. Emanuel Michael Kulaya who is the popular Online Swahili Teacher, he is the Author of Swahili Key for beginners that available in Amazon.

Mr. Emanuel Michael Kulaya – Bachelor of Education and specified on Swahili and History

I am sure you will have fun and fantastic moment you never had.

This is Mr. George from Turkey play with orphans kids.
This is Ms. Ariadne From UK, she always like this kid, and she promised to sponsor her.

Feel free to book with us today and make sure you write down your email correctly for further information incase needed.

Welcome in Swahili Teacher .Com, always your success is our Priority and together we can save someone’s life and future.

Thank you and for any inquiry you can use an office email – info@swahiliteacher.com or Private Email of Chaiman – emanmic@yahoo.com