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Are planning on visiting Tanzania? you can start taking online Swahili course, you can take short course online, this will help you coup with Tanzanians, understanding basic words and expression, you can resume the course after arriving in the country.

Online Classes
Learn Swahili online, is the easiest way to take the course, you suggest the time that suits you, we have online student all over the world. Some students are in Tanzania but from other cities.
Swahili for tourist
Are planning to visit the country, you can learn Swahili either online or by taking 3 to 5 five days course, this course will make you enjoy the moment you will be here as a tourist.
Academic Purpose
Swahili for Academic purpose is important for those are studying in any Swahili speaking country (East Africa) or for research / any related field.
Swahili for Leisure
Are you interested on learning the language, we have so many students around the world who are taking the course just because is one of the beautiful language, and easy one.
Why Choose Us

Our Swahili Teachers are Professional Native Experienced

Join us today, be one of thousand students who are taking Swahili all over the world.

Elementary 1 Course
Usually takes not less than 60hours.<br />The course aims to build on existing knowledge of Swahili. It will also provide a broader understanding of Swahili language and culture.
Intermediate Course (B1)
The Kiswahili Intermediate level deals with more advanced forms of expression, grammar and vocabulary required for an intermediate qualification.
It is a study option in which you take three lesson a week, 90mn each lesson
Standard option
It is the study option in which you take four hours a week, you can choose to take one hour for each each lesson or two our / ea